Simon Dolan

Dr Simon Dolan

How Inspirational is Your Leadership?

  • How committed and engaged is your team?

  • What are your values and are they recognised?

  • Is your business strategy sustainable and socially responsible?

  • Could you be more influential?

  • Could you accomplish more by doing less?

  • How can you be more resilient and purposeful?

  • How well are you managing complexity?

  • What are your business challenges and how might you address them differently?


If you are actively reflecting on the  questions above then a coaching conversation will help you to find answers and realise your full potential.  I have supported many leaders to challenge and develop their leadership capability, book a complimentary 30 min conversation to start that journey now.

Dr Simon Dolan


Leadership fit for the 21st Century

The context for leadership and for future leaders needs to rapidly evolve if business is  to successfully meet the emerging challenges of the 21st century. Examples of these are:

  • The need for a deeper engagement of staff and organisational potential by creating meaning and more purposeful work at an individual and collective level.

  • Dealing with complexity and greater uncertainty, being able to formulate and implement strategy in real time, based on current realities.

  • A blurring of organisational and personal life which builds additional psychological pressure on leaders and impacts resilience and energy.

  • The impact of information technology and innovation that does not occur centrally but externally to the organisation.

  • Complex social and cultural systems and their impact on relational & organisational functionality and an ability to think holistically.

  • An organisational strategy that is sustainable and emphasises environmental and social responsibility.

To be equipped to respond to these challenges requires a more authentic, creative, relational, serving, honest and human style of leadership. However, to build these human characteristics requires a deepening self-awareness in order to recognise how mindsets, worldviews and our inner world (psyche) can limit our connectivity with others, limit options, limit creativity, impair judgement and undermine our courage to be true to our purpose.


My goal is to support you through creating awareness, understanding of purpose, values, sense of self and to relate these to the behaviours we exhibit and choices we make. In doing so, the capacity to see the bigger picture, be present and more relational, to create and make choices in the moment and to strengthen resolve is developed in a way that is more authentic and aligned with the ‘self’. In this frame of ‘being’, the energy required to lead is conserved, bringing a more resilient, sustainable and capable way of meeting the 21st century challenges outlined.