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What is it Like to Work with Me?


Coaching can lead to transformation, enabling performance at a new and different level. It facilitates development and learning, and my belief is that we have all the resources and wisdom we need to reflect, generate fresh perspectives and take action where  appropriate, but have often not found the time and space to step back. Coaching offers the opportunity for this. Through coaching, we identify existing thinking and behavioural patterns that may be impeding best performance and gain support in identifying strategies to fulfil potential.

I build a strong, trusting working alliance with you so that you feel able to examine beliefs, mindsets and behaviours and choose whether they are still serving you or whether it is time to choose something different. My approach is relational, pragmatic, forward thinking and outcome focused.  I will challenge and support you, communicating directly, clearly and with empathy driving to action.

What do you Get out of Working with Me?


I have extensive experience of leading in a large multinational organisation with its continuously changing landscape and demands and I work, holding the context that change is constant. People who work with me gain increased self-awareness, new insights, perspectives and sense of choice. There is an opportunity for enhancing leadership style, including personal effectiveness, impact and influence. My clients develop clarity on how best to manage challenges and elevate their own and others’ performance.

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