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Testimonials - What my Clients Have to Say?

Agi, NHS:

Being coached by Simon has been a fascinating experience. Simon created a safe environment and helped to find clarity about my goals and priorities. As a coach and organisational development practitioner I was concerned that I would know all ‘tricks of the game’ and therefore be ‘uncoachable’. Simon took on the challenge with confidence, patience and respect. What started as executive coaching stretched into exploration of wider aspects of life, which although initially I was confident would not be necessary, turned out to be much needed. During our coaching relationship both my self-awareness and noticing different perspectives increased. I had space to explore areas I have never given myself a chance to go into. At the same time Simon supported me to stay focused. Thank you for your kindness, empathy, wisdom and patience! Agi Kertynska, Organisational Development Manager

Matt, Wellcome Trust:

I worked with Simon on career coaching. At the time I needed some clarity on various career options. Simon helped me to consider my options and fully explore the pros and cons for all those I had been thinking about. He helped to provide some real clarity and made me realise just how unhappy I was in my current job. As a results of our sessions I had the confidence to apply for a new job, I was successful (and left my old job). This was a big step as I had been there for along time. Simon was an excellent coach, totally professional and I would recommend him to anyone without any reservation. He was very flexible in scheduling our sessions. We met via Zoom - which worked very well and he was able to provide an audio recording of our sessions.

Radka, Novartis:

My experience of working with Simon is very positive. He is a talented coach that helps an individual very quickly zoom in on areas that are causing difficulty and conflict in the work place - be they relationship based or role based. He helped me understand the underlying reasons for situations we discussed and supported by his extensive experience, Simon helped me identify a path forward, filled with small achievable steps and accompanied by many tips and tricks for ensuring success. During my time with Simon he helped me resolve some tricky ‘political’ and personnel situations. Equally Simon helped me see the value I bring to a situation and in doing so gave me the willingness to better communicate my success in a manner that has resulted in many positive outcomes across my career.

Nicola, GSK:

I was fortunate to have Simon as my coach during a very difficult period of my career when my line manager’s behaviours were negatively impacting me.  Simon created that safe space to allow me to really unpack what I was experiencing and to sift through it all and distil out the key aspects that were within my control and thus choose to change.  I felt empowered to do that and, through Simon’s expert coaching, I committed to a plan of action which lifted my spirits and my confidence.  I was then given the opportunity to lead an important change project at work which I accepted, was successful and thoroughly enjoyed.  I know I would not have been able to do this if I had not received coaching from Simon. 

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